Harp Studio and Music for All 

*01/12/2020 Rating: 5/5* "Irantzu is a wonderful and patient teacher. I haven`t played the harp for over twenty years (and had never played a lever harp before) but in just a few weeks I feel I have made more progress than I did in 5 years of lessons at school and in contrast to then, I am enjoying the experience! Irantzu is an excellent teacher and is extremely kind and flexible with me, making the lessons a joy to look forward to, rather than a chore. I`d recommend her to anyone".

*02/11/2020 Rating: 5/5* "Irantzu is a wonderful teacher. She is kind and gentle and very clear in her explanations. She is very patient, positive and warm. I highly recommend her as a teacher". 

An educator for more than fifteen years, Irantzu wants to share all music genres and the harp with the community. From children to the elderly, Irantzu strongly believes that arts education brings self – esteem, self - awareness and enjoyment to every practitioner. Therefore, the arts should be accessible to all the society.

Whether it is in preparation for ABRSM/ Trinity College Music exams, college entrance auditions, simply because you always wanted to learn how to play the harp or you just want to give your child the beautiful experience of studying this instrument, Irantzu would be delighted to hear from you. Through her harp lessons, Irantzu is looking forward to passing along the passion for music and the harp and always empower her students. Irantzu is a harp teacher at Fireworks Music School  and she also holds a private studio. Students of all ages welcomed for Celtic and Pedal Harp lessons. In February 2020, Irantzu run a harp program at St. Mary of the Angels to give the children the opportunity to try this instrument for free during five weeks. Irantzu is the  harp teacher at the Knightsbridge School and the Watford Music School. If you wish to take lessons at the Watford Music School, please click here and ask for information on harp lessons for all ages at the Hertfordshire Music Service. 

Irantzu worked at the Police Athletic League Arts Program in the East Bronx as well as at the Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts in East Harlem in New York. As a volunteer, Irantzu was a harp performer at the St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital in New York City performing at the cancer infusion, HIV-AIDS, Elderly Care, Psychiatric and Pediatric units for three months. She has given Harp Masterclasses at the Long Island Chapter of the American Harp Society in USA and the Valladolid Professional Music Conservatory, Soto Mesa Music Academy of Madrid and the Nafarroa Superior Music Conservatory in Spain. Irantzu has been the harp teacher at the A Coruña Professional Music Conservatory for nine years. She also led a lecture performance on the history of the harp for the New York Chapter of the Jane Austin Society. An advocator of new music, Irantzu has given workshops on how to compose for the harp to composition students at the Nafarroa and A Coruña Superior Conservatories in Spain and about Contemporary Music to the Young Artist Collective at Skimstone Arts in Newcastle , the elderly at St. Anthony’s Day Care Home in Walker and on Spanish Music to the Fabularium Theatre Company in Coventry.  

Irantzu is one of the five harpist of Music in Hospitals and Care, an organization that brings the joy of life music to hospitals and care homes across the UK with concerts in hospitals, care homes and hospices. She has performed concerts at: Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone, Newham University Hospital in Plaistow, Sherwood House and Princess Alice Hospice in Surrey, Royal Trinity Hospice, the Nightingale House and BUPA The Kensington Nursing Home in London and at Gracewell in Bookham. Upcoming MiHC performances include concerts at Northwick Park Hospital in Middlesex and Rush Court Care Home in Oxfordshire.

With a passion for children, Irantzu is delighted to present "The Adventures of Austine, Adele and Aran: A History of the Harp". This storytelling- harp performance introduces the history of the harp to children of all ages in a fun way. A story written by Irantzu paired with music from different countries, styles and time periods makes of this storytelling performance a great success every time that is brought to life. The last presentations where provided by The Little Concert at Canada Water Studios and Richmond as well as at the Oliver House School in South London.In October 2019, Irantzu took part in Peace at Last, an opera for children presented by Opera Up Close performing in North Wales. 

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